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Property owners likely to maintain a healthy home

28th January 2016

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Catherine Prentke, Director at American Express, said: “Our research shows Homeowners are looking to invest in revamping and revitalising their homes in 2016.

There are several reasons not only to improve your property but to engage the services of ProTen Services to assist you in maintaining the health of your home.

Their research indicates that in 2016 homeowners are mindful to spruce up their homes and will splash out, according to the report, an average of £678 on renovations, £433 on home repairs and £314 on soft furnishings.

ProTen Services will be pleased to advise homeowners on any specialised property preservation matters and now property maintenance issues so call them today on 08000126084 & visit

ProTen are often called in to resolve issues regarding the appearance of damp or fungal attacks on timbers especially when property owners decide to refurbish their homes. we have dealt with calls from distraught owners who have paid tip top price for a new hardwood floor only to find that the installers failed to take damp readings before laying the new floor. Such installations will result in the inevitable warping of the new flooring timbers and a call to ProTen.

Another instance involved an elderly couple. The couple upon clearing their lounge for redecoration purposes found that the area beneath their floor was festooned with the dry rot fungus Serpula Lacrymans. The dry rot fungus actually eats the lignum within the timbers and leaves only its shell!! The only solution in this particular case was for ProTen to clear and sanitise the floor areas and replace all the suspended timber floor with a solid concrete floor!!

Hopefully when you are refurbishing your property you will not have to call ProTen unless of course you are a DIY ‘supervisor’ and wish to employ the experts!

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