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Condensation: can it be stopped?

20th February 2017

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Three words:

Positive Input Ventilation.

Condensation is a problem which can be distressing to live with and often hard to get rid of. In its less serious form, condensation may steam up windows and mirrors but in more severe cases, it can cause a whole host of problems:

  • Damage to walls, plasters, timbers and furnishings
  • Unsightly mould which can aggravate asthma and produce allergic reactions similar to hay fever due to the spores the mould produces.
  • Cause high humidity levels in the property which creates the ideal environment for the spread of bacteria, viruses and the breeding of house dust mites
  • Be a contributing factor to beetle infestation such as woodworm and fungal decay

But you don’t have to live with condensation. There is a solution, so read on:

Positive Input Ventilation units work continuously and quietly throughout the home to prevent condensation. They also stop mould and provide fresh, filtered and cleaner air into the property.

How do PIV Units work?

They work by creating a slight positive air pressure within the property. This dilutes and displaces the excess moisture in the air which is then pushed out through naturally occurring leakage points. This means the excess moisture in the property is removed and therefore cannot build up on internal surfaces to form condensation and the resulting black mould.

Using a filter system, the air that recirculates throughout the home is clean and pure to provide a healthier living environment that is free from moisture on a consistent and continuous basis.

Find out more

Contact ProTen Services or click here for more information about our Vericure Range, from PIV units to high performance extractor fans and see how they can work to cure condensation in your property.

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