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Month: May 2017

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The lifecycle of woodworm

21st May 2017

Woodworm is a generic term given to describe the larvae phase of woodworm boring beetles. These larvae typically appear between the months of April and October and can be found in any property that has exposed timber. Woodworm is a very common problem, many houses are built using timber, sometimes up to 70% of the…

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Wall Ties

Cavity wall tie failure and replacement

8th May 2017

Cracks, bulging or bowing walls are clear signs that a property maybe suffering from a structural problem.  A common cause of this can be down to wall tie failure. What are cavity wall ties? Cavity walls consist of two half brick leaves, the inner leaf and the external leaf, usually with a 50mm cavity in-between….

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The structural problems to look out for in your property

6th May 2017

There are many structural problems a property could have that could result in damage to its integrity; ranging from the easily noticeable, to the barely there. Identifying structural problems is half the battle. Something that doesn’t seem like a big problem at first can worsen to the point that it becomes much more difficult to…

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