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ProTen Services launch ThermoKote, the paint to stop Condensation and Black Mould

31st July 2017

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Thermokote range

An innovative paint solution from ProTen Services, provides one of the most effective methods yet to proactively protect walls and ceilings from the effects of black mould and condensation. 

What is ThermoKote?

ThermoKote is an anti-condensation paint that prevents the formation of mould on ceilings and walls. It looks like a normal, everyday white emulsion but what makes it unique is its ability to keep a wall warmer.

How does ThermoKote stop black mould?

Tiny glass beads invisible to the naked eye are held in suspension in the paint. When applied to a wall, these become ‘charged’, in much the same way as a battery cell, which gives a thermal layer to the surface. This keeps the wall warmer which in turn prevents the build-up condensation and moisture therefore stopping the growth of mould.

The key benefits of ThermoKote:

  • ThermoKote uses micro glass technology to prevent mould from forming by making the surface warmer so reducing condensation build up.
  • Unlike many other anti-condensation paints, ThermoKote is nontoxic.
  • It is easy to apply, and has a short drying time, meaning minimal inconvenience.
  • It can be painted or papered over, so ongoing redecoration can take place but with long term protection in place.
  • It is a long-lasting, cost saving solution that stops the cycle of continual redecoration over mould.

Tony Rafferty, Surveying and Operations Director comments:

‘We work with landlords, Housing Associations and homeowners throughout the UK in the care of properties. We see first-hand the distress black mould and condensation can cause to occupants.

Whilst there are specialist paints available that claim to help fight these problems, the results are notoriously inconsistent.  ThermoKote is a product that works and we are delighted to add it to our range solutions that tackle damp and condensation problems.’

For further information about ThermoKote, as well as black mould removal and condensation control please contact us here.

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