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Pump Servicing – Why it is so important to protect your property

10th July 2017

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A sump pump can only provide reliable service if it is properly maintained. Give yours the attention it needs before it’s too late.

If you have a sump and pump system installed in your basement, it is only too easy to more or less forget about it. Until, of course, something goes wrong.

You would be surprised at how many people spend thousands on converting their basement into a useful extra room, only to put all that investment at risk by neglecting the maintenance schedules that are required to keep your waterproofing system operating effectively.

Your pump will be working day and night to keep your basement dry, often in harsh working conditions. It is essential to have it regularly serviced, not only to protect your investment, but also to make sure you do not invalidate the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Your pump could be working day and night to keep your basement dry or it might only kick into action when water levels suddenly change. Whatever the reason, it is essential to have the system serviced regularly, not only to protect your property from flooding but also to ensure you do not invalidate the manufacturer’s or installers guarantee.

Let’s find out more about what is involved in a pump service, and the potential consequences of ignoring this important maintenance routine.

Why does it matter?

As your surveyor will have explained at the time of installation, periodic maintenance of your waterproofing system is vital to ensure it remains effective, and a key component of this is to service the sump and pump system.

Over the course of time, lime and other deposits will build up in the system. Left unattended, this will ultimately result in the pump failing and the drainage channels at risk of becoming blocked. All of this could lead to increased chance of moisture and even flooding in your basement conversion.

If things are left to progress that far, the resulting damage and remediation costs can be significant. And to add insult to injury, you will find that there is no recourse to the pump manufacturer’s guarantee, because you have not followed the specified service schedule.

What is involved in pump servicing?

Your pump is a mechanical device that requires periodic maintenance in just the same way as your car or central heating boiler, to keep it operating effectively and efficiently. In most cases, this means it needs to be inspected, cleaned and serviced once a year, but check the manufacturer’s literature, as some specify different service intervals.

There are a number of points that are covered in a routine pump service, but in general, it will include the following areas:

  • Removal of the pump assembly from the sump
  • Cleaning and descaling the pump
  • Removing lime, silt and other debris from the sump and descaling
  • Checking the pump’s running sequence
  • Checking the back-up system
  • Checking the alarm system
  • Inspecting all water outlets and removing any blockages or debris
  • Inspecting the perimeter drainage system
  • Replacing any worn or damaged parts

Arrange your service today

The waterproofing system is critical to keep your basement conversion habitable and safe, and the pump lies right at the heart of that system.

Don’t take chances – check out your paperwork to see the terms of your waterproofing system guarantee and Contact us to talk about booking your sump and pump service.

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