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Alternative Repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings, SPAB Course

1st August 2017

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Our Newcastle Surveyor, Ian Fraser gives an overview of the recently attended SPAB course; Alternative Repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings.

Traditional buildings are defined as solid-walled properties pre-dating 1919 which equates to approximately 20% of the national housing stock. Traditional buildings differ fundamentally in their construction from modern ones and this necessitates the use of alternative repair strategies. Many traditional buildings are also listed or in conservation areas, which brings additional requirements. The well-meaning but often misguided application of standard modern approaches to traditional buildings can be ineffective, damaging and unnecessarily costly.

The course focused on the SPAB`s philosophy of “conservative repair”. It examined the question of why there should be a presumption against the extensive use of damp-proof-courses, membranes and chemical fungicides to treat damp and timber decay  in traditional buildings and to instead incorporate the traditional methods such as lime mortars, plasters and renders, along with traditional joinery and carpentry repairs.

‘Preserving properties and using the best methods to do this is at the heart of what ProTen do and the SPAB’s philosophy is certainly a sentiment we share. A fascinating course.’

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