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Read about the BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home Project

30th January 2018

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ProTen Services have been delighted to be part of the BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home.  Read more about the project.

The BRE Trust (Building Research Establishment) is a UK Charity dedicated to researching our built environment. One of their major research projects involves a series of 13 buildings constructed on the BRE’s renowned research park. They demonstrate how buildings of the future can and must be adapted to better withstand the impact of environmental issues such as climate change, land usage and energy efficiency.

The BRE’s Flood Resilient Test Home is one of these buildings and, as the name suggests, focuses on flooding. The home has been built to showcase construction methods that give a property better protection and greater resilience against flooding and water damage.

With a changing climate, record months of rainfall and an estimated 5.2 million homes considered to be at risk from surface, river and coastal flooding, this is a very real issue.  The project is focused on highlighting how to adapt repair and building techniques with methods that provide future resilience, how to reduce costs of repair of homes and buildings affected by flooding and importantly how to reduce the upheaval, stress and long reoccupation times for families, property occupants and businesses.

An accompanying report from the BRE states ‘the aim is to make the installation of flood resilient measures part of ‘normal’ business practice for those involved in the repair of buildings post flooding, and to help them be proactively taken up by home and building owners exposed to flood risk.’

The BRE Flood Resilient Test Home

The home not only showcases a complete range of resilience measures but is also built to become a live demonstration home, where a flooding situation can be recreated to give a real-life view of those resilience measures in action.

The home brings alive the practical methods that can be adopted, from placing electrical sockets and appliances higher up walls, to using water barrier products such as watertight doors and windows, toilet and sink non-return valves, and water-resistant materials such as ceramic flooring, injected foam insulation, and kitchen units made from resin-bonded board.

The home also showcases a waterproofing system specifically adapted for flood resilience using water resistant floor membranes and drainage that allows water to disperse from within the property quickly.  ProTen’s involvement in the project was the installation of this waterproofing system.

Tony Rafferty, ProTen Services Waterproofing Surveyor and Operations Director comments ‘As below ground and basement waterproofing specialists, this was a fascinating project to work on. It highlights superbly how adapting construction methods can give a property greater resilience to flooding for the long term.

You can read our Case Study on the installation of the flood resilience waterproofing system by clicking here.


Partners involved in the BRE project included AXA Insurance, Property Care Association, Delta Membrane Systems, Natural Cement Distribution.

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