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How to Stop Condensation and Black Mould in the home

9th October 2018

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As property surveyors, we see first-hand the distress that living with condensation problems and black mould causes in the home.

One of the major issues is how stubborn condensation can be to get rid of.  The good news is that condensation can be stopped.

We have put together a short guide to give you some helpful tips:

1) Ventilate the home

If you keep your house well ventilated, condensation has less of an opportunity to accumulate. If you are seeing a lot of condensation on walls or ceilings or condensation is building up on windows at night then check extract fans are in good working order and make a habit of opening windows and letting the air recirculate. Just a few minutes each day can make a big difference. Where there is a build of condensation and resulting black mould then additional air vents might help or a more powerful extract fan maybe required.

2) Adapt living habits

Cooking, showering, drying clothes on radiators, even breathing will all add moisture into the home. Adding in ventilation will help tackle this build-up of moisture but being mindful of our everyday living habits can also help. This can include drying clothes outside rather than on radiators, keeping the lids on saucepans when cooking, turning on an extractor fan in the bathroom or a cooker extractor hood in the kitchen.

3) Use the right condensation solutions and products

Do your research. There are sprays that will clean off the mould in the short term and fans that will provide extra ventilation but not all products are suitable for the problem. Using products such as ThermoKote (an anti-condensation paint that stops the formation of black mould) or superior extraction units that are designed to combat condensation such as Positive Input Ventilation units (PIV units) may be the answer.  Researching the right option is key otherwise the activity taken may be short lived.

4) Be aware of damp problems

It is often tempting to hope that an unpleasant damp patch or black mould will just disappear by itself. You should monitor any such problems and if its ongoing, take to action to find out what could be causing it. Do a property check and seek advice.  By leaving it, you could be creating a bigger problem that will need addressing later on.

5) Speak to a damp specialist

Considering that moisture is nothing more than water that obeys all the conventional laws of physics, it is astonishing the way it behaves and the places it goes, often making it a real nightmare to deal with.  A damp and condensation specialist can offer advice, get to the root of the problem and give access to solutions that work to stop and treat condensation problems and keep properties in tip top condition.

You can find more advice by clicking here

If you would like to speak to a member of the damp prevention team then contact us to find out how we can help resolve property condensation problems.

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