10 Ways Damp Specialists Can Help You Live Longer

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Damp is a common problem for many properties and is often caused by simple everyday issues including a lack of adequate ventilation and increased condensation. Damp or mould caused by these issues can usually be treated easily by seeking professional advice or using the correct off the shelf products.

However, some damp problems are caused by major issues within the structure of the building, the integrity of the roof or issues with the chimney stack. Common problems include cracks in masonry, damaged mortar or missing roof tiles. Any of these problems will allow water to enter the fabric of the building. If left untreated mould will spread rapidly, as the spores feed off the moisture and multiply quickly, which can lead to rising damp, rotting joists or crumbling brick work.

With many health issues related to damp living environments it is imperative that you treat mould as soon as you spot it. It is advisable to hire the services of a specialist, such as damp proofing Essex, to address any immediate issues and provide long-term solutions.

There are 10 ways below in which damp specialist can assist.

Allergies: Allergies to mould can manifest themselves as skin rashes and constant sneezing. Damp specialists will help to eradicate these by bringing the air quality within your property back to a healthy level.

Infections: Chest infections can be caused by breathing in a type of mould called Aspergillus. This is found in damp properties and is a serious condition that needs medical attention. The source of the fungus can be identified by a damp specialist and treated as quickly as possible.

Breathing problems: Dust mites can cause respiration problems such as coughs, wheezing, and asthma symptoms. It recommended to reduce the humidity and moisture in the air with the help of a damp specialist to ease this issue.

Headaches: Living in damp atmosphere can also cause headaches for many people. These headaches are associated with mould toxicity within your system. Eradicating mould and having healthier air in the home is the only way to address this physical symptom.

Condensation control units can be provided by a damp specialist on a hire agreement or installed permanently into your home to maintain healthy levels of moisture within the atmosphere.

Specialist cleaning solutions can also be provided to remove any black mould from interior walls and repaint any affected areas with mould resistant decoration to deter further outbreaks.

Specialist services such as the treating of dry rot with wood preservatives and biocides to prevent dry rot or wood worm can be administered. This should only be carried out by a damp specialist.

Thermal imaging services can also be provided to detect any water leaks within the fabric of the building which may not be visible with the naked eye. Detecting these is imperative to get to the root cause of any damp issues.

Damp proof course checking. Most damp proof courses are accompanied with a guarantee when installed, but if you’re concerned about the quality and longevity of your damp proof course then ask the advice of a damp specialist.

Having a damp specialist eradicate any damp in your property will aid in curing many of the above health issues, and also protect the lifetime structure of your property.

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