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Damp in Buildings

19th August 2022

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Damp Wall

The reasons for dampness in buildings are wide and not always straightforward to diagnose. Tackling a damp problem through a standalone treatment such as a damp proof course injection is rarely the answer.

A damp survey, if carried out correctly, is key to ensuring your property damp problem is treated in the right way, to save you time and money and giving your property long term protection.

External and internal property damp inspection

The objective of the damp survey is to build up a property profile to understand what could be causing the damp so that a decision can be made as to the right course of action.

The essential first step is carrying out an external and internal property inspection, assessing factors such as property layout, construction, and environment, vegetation, drainage, and any recent changes to the property.

Poorly Maintained Building

A Condensation survey also needs a technical approach. With air conditions constantly changing inside a property, humidity levels and dew points need to be calculated to see if condensation is taking place.  Natural occurring cold spots, insulation, shape and layout of rooms, ventilation and lifestyle all need to be considered as these can all impact on condensation problems.


Looking beyond the damp

The damp survey is not only looking at the damp problem in isolation. It must also involve looking at problems that may have been caused as a result of the damp conditions. This could involve a dry rot problem, woodworm, decay to timbers and even wall tie failure.

Remedial Wall Ties

Why Choose ProTen for your Survey and specialist needs?

ProTen Services has had a long history of ensuring the correct approach when it comes to surveying and diagnosis of all things damp and timber preservation. ProTen are proud members of the Property care association and adhere to the important industry standards that they suggest and their code of conduct. We believe that that there is a right way to get the best solution and share the values of the PCA with our surveyors being qualified to CSRT ( CSTRB ) & CSSW levels.

ProTen Services are property preservation experts, specialising in the treatment of damp and timber decay. If you are concerned about a damp problem in your property, please contact us where we will be happy to answer your questions and book a damp survey should this be necessary, simply fill out the form below or call: 0800 012 6094

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