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Basement sump and pump systems are at the heart of what keeps a basement dry. If the wrong pump is installed, if it is of low quality or the pump fails due to lack of maintenance, the effects can be devastating.

Installation and inspection of sump and pump systems

ProTen’s experience allows us to specify and install a pump system that is right for the environment in which it is being placed.  There are a range of products that are available to protect your basement from flooding and the pumps we install are industry approved and supplied to us by the best manufacturers. We only use products that we have vetted and have passed our strict product approval process.

We also carry out inspections to sump and pump systems already in place.  The criteria we consider when specifying or inspecting a basement sump and pump system is as follows:

  • The volume of water that needs to be pumped out
  • The requirement for a secondary, or more, pump systems
  • The backup system put in place in case of power failure
  • Alarm methods such as remote monitoring and messages sent to mobile phones
  • The material with which the chamber itself is made
    • HDPE for example is a high-density polyethylene and its strength allows it to withstand hydrostatic forces encountered in applications with high water tables as well as it being corrosion resistant which improves the life span of the pump chamber itself.

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Basement Sump and Pump Servicing

Once the basement project is finished, regular servicing of the basement sump and pump system is essential.

Routine sump and pump inspections should be carried out as left unchecked problems can occur which can impact the performance of the pump. This can include silt and lime scale build up causing blockages in the channels beneath the floor and reducing the effectiveness of the pump’s ability to remove water away. Problems with the alarms which alert to high water levels, and failure of battery backup systems which may be needed in the event of random high water levels, can also go undetected.

How can ProTen help?

As well as installation and inspection services, ProTen also offers sump and pump servicing and repairs. We stop problems from happening and keep sump and pumps in the best condition.   Importantly, evidence of regular servicing to the sump and pump system is usually required to validate a Basement Waterproofing Guarantee and Home Insurance should the worst happen.

ProTen Sump and Pump Servicing Plan

Our basement pump servicing covers inspection of the chamber and fittings to check components are working freely, and for signs of any wear and tear, an Operation Check to monitor flow and discharge rate alarm, back up pumps and electrical control panel are all working effectively and a pump maintenance including a basic clean to ensure the chamber is free from debris.

We also work with our clients to give notification of the service due date and appointment booking to arrange a convenient time to book a ProTen Engineer to attend the property. We provide a Pump Service Report detailing the condition of the equipment, recommendations, plus an estimate for the renewal of any parts and any further action that may be required.

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