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Q&A – What to expect from a damp survey

9th July 2018

Read our Q&A from our Midlands damp and timber surveyor, Mike Cullen on what to expect from a damp survey. Mike Cullen is a senior member of the ProTen surveying team. He is an experienced and qualified damp, timber and waterproofing surveyor. He has worked in the construction industry for the majority of his working…

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The Role of the Damp Proofing Surveyor

30th April 2018

Damp Proofing Surveyors play a vital part in safeguarding properties against the damage from damp and excess condensation. If you’ve ever wondered what the role of a Damp Proofing Surveyor entails, read on for a comprehensive breakdown of the tasks and responsibilities that are normally handled by these highly skilled professionals, and why a damp…

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Read about the BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home Project

30th January 2018

ProTen Services have been delighted to be part of the BRE Flood Resilient Repair Home.  Read more about the project. The BRE Trust (Building Research Establishment) is a UK Charity dedicated to researching our built environment. One of their major research projects involves a series of 13 buildings constructed on the BRE’s renowned research park….

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Why is a damp survey important?

22nd November 2017

The reasons for dampness in buildings is wide and not always straightforward to diagnose, and tackling a damp problem through a standalone treatment such as a damp proof course injection is rarely the answer. In this blog, we look at the role of the damp survey and how, if carried out correctly, it is the…

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Timber Resin Repairs & Property Preservation

22nd November 2017

In this blog, we explain what a timber resin repair involves and their importance as a timber treatment method for property preservation.   Timber decay in properties and the expense and difficulty to replace decayed timbers can in part be blamed for the deterioration of many historical properties. A construction technique that provides a solution…

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Take a look at the Radon Public Health Authority video

8th November 2017

What is radon? Awareness of radon and the threat its presence can pose to property occupants if radon levels are high, is becoming more widely known.  The Public Health Authority have published a video which is designed to increase that knowledge.  Click on the video to take a look. If you have any questions about…

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