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Timber Resin Repairs & Property Preservation

22nd November 2017

In this blog, we explain what a timber resin repair involves and their importance as a timber treatment method for property preservation.   Timber decay in properties and the expense and difficulty to replace decayed timbers can in part be blamed for the deterioration of many historical properties. A construction technique that provides a solution…

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Take a look at the Radon Public Health Authority video

8th November 2017

What is radon? Awareness of radon and the threat its presence can pose to property occupants if radon levels are high, is becoming more widely known.  The Public Health Authority have published a video which is designed to increase that knowledge.  Click on the video to take a look. If you have any questions about…

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Home insurance claims and water leaks. Are you covered?

26th October 2017

Is my water leak covered by home insurance? As an experienced damp proofing company, we see first-hand the damage a water leak or a penetrating damp problem can cause to a property. What we also see, is the mine field a homeowner sometimes must go through to get the investigation and necessary repairs covered by…

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Know the Signs of Dry Rot

27th September 2017

Dry rot is a serious issue, which can wreak havoc in a property if left undetected and untreated. It’s very nature means it’s prone to originating in damp and dark places that are out of sight and where leaks, one of the most common causes of a dry rot problem, can easily go unseen.  This…

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Alternative Repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings, SPAB Course

1st August 2017

Our Newcastle Surveyor, Ian Fraser gives an overview of the recently attended SPAB course; Alternative Repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings. Traditional buildings are defined as solid-walled properties pre-dating 1919 which equates to approximately 20% of the national housing stock. Traditional buildings differ fundamentally in their construction from modern ones and this necessitates the use of…

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ProTen Services launch ThermoKote, the paint to stop Condensation and Black Mould

31st July 2017

An innovative paint solution from ProTen Services, provides one of the most effective methods yet to proactively protect walls and ceilings from the effects of black mould and condensation.  What is ThermoKote? ThermoKote is an anti-condensation paint that prevents the formation of mould on ceilings and walls. It looks like a normal, everyday white emulsion…

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