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Alternative Repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings, SPAB Course

1st August 2017

Our Newcastle Surveyor, Ian Fraser gives an overview of the recently attended SPAB course; Alternative Repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings. Traditional buildings are defined as solid-walled properties pre-dating 1919 which equates to approximately 20% of the national housing stock. Traditional buildings differ fundamentally in their construction from modern ones and this necessitates the use of…

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ProTen Services launch ThermoKote, the paint to stop Condensation and Black Mould

31st July 2017

An innovative paint solution from ProTen Services, provides one of the most effective methods yet to proactively protect walls and ceilings from the effects of black mould and condensation.  What is ThermoKote? ThermoKote is an anti-condensation paint that prevents the formation of mould on ceilings and walls. It looks like a normal, everyday white emulsion…

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Pump Servicing – Why it is so important to protect your property

10th July 2017

A sump pump can only provide reliable service if it is properly maintained. Give yours the attention it needs before it’s too late. If you have a sump and pump system installed in your basement, it is only too easy to more or less forget about it. Until, of course, something goes wrong. You would…

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The role of the cavity wall tie

30th June 2017

Every cavity wall will have ties built into it, and they play a crucial role in ensuring its safety and stability. Any brick-built house developed over the last century or so is most likely to have been constructed using cavity walls and wall ties. Here we take a look at what they are for, why…

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Why a skilled waterproofing contractor is essential to keeping a basement dry

15th June 2017

Effective waterproofing is essential in any basement. But getting it right takes specialist skills and equipment. We all know the important role that a reliable waterproofing system plays in any building, whether it is part of a new construction or a component of ongoing maintenance. However, when a basement is involved, the stakes get higher…

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The lifecycle of woodworm

21st May 2017

Woodworm is a generic term given to describe the larvae phase of woodworm boring beetles. These larvae typically appear between the months of April and October and can be found in any property that has exposed timber. Woodworm is a very common problem, many houses are built using timber, sometimes up to 70% of the…

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