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Structural Waterproofing

Case Study: Cavity Drainage Membrane Damp Proofing System

Project: Domestic Property, South Coast
Key Features: Cavity Drainage Membrane


The owners of this privately owned castle in an exposed location on the South Coast were renovating their dining room when signs of dampness were found.

The owners required a solution that would exclude dampness and hygroscopic salts from the internal surface of the wall, both of which can spoil decorative surfaces.

Works Carried Out

ProTen Services specified a cavity drainage membrane, a system which isolates dampness, water ingress and salt contamination from the decorative surface, while accommodating seasonal and thermal building movement.

ProTen Services’ experienced technicians lined the perimeter walls with the membrane, fixing it at 250mm intervals with special plugs. Once the entire walls were covered with the membrane, the membrane’s meshed surface allowed a special plaster to be applied directly onto its surface.


Once completed, the dining room walls were left dry and protected from the risk of water and salt contamination. The air gap behind the membrane allows the wall to breathe, and any residual moisture is vented into the room and dissipated. Wall fixings for pictures and other fixtures were fitted into the membrane plugs, and the owner was able to decorate the room to their original specification.

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