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Case Study: Flood resilience at the BRE

Installation of a Flood Resilience Waterproofing System at the Building Research Establishment

Project: To design and install a waterproofing system in the BRE Flood Resilient Test Home that would provide the property with resilience against flood water and limit the amount of time water is left within the property therefore reducing damage, repair and re-occupation times after a flood.

The system installed was a cavity drainage waterproofing system, comprising of high density polyethylene sheets of studded waterproof membrane, drainage channels, and a mechanical sump and pump system.   The system was manufactured by Delta Membrane Systems and as approved contractors with Delta, ProTen Services installed the system and worked alongside Delta as waterproofing design specialists on the project. ProTen also applied Natcem 35 plastering to walls within the property.

Installing the cavity drainage system

ProTen installed a typical cavity drainage waterproofing system whereby studded moisture resistant membrane was applied to the walls and flooring. This cavity drainage system formed a waterproof inner lining to the walls and floor with water or dampness collected, managed and removed by the sump and pump system. Natcem 35 was used to plaster the walls which due to its waterproof, salt and chemical resistance properties gave further resilience to the property as it would significantly reduce the need for it to be
removed after a flood.

Adaption of the waterproofing system for improved flood resilience

One of the major causes of water damage and contamination to a property is the amount of time water is left within the property after a flood. The waterproofing system was adapted so that flood water inside the property would have the means to drain away.

This was done by installing an exposed grated inlet within the finished ceramic floor of the room which was connected to drainage channels set underneath the flooring within the concrete flooring slab and around the perimeter of the room. These drainage channels led to the main sump and pump set within the floor and separate from the mains drainage so that water could be pumped out.

System Components

  • Delta MS500 Wall Membrane
  • Delta MS20 Floor Membrane
  • Delta Drainage Channel
  • Qwik-Seal Fixing Plugs
  • Delta Double Sided Tape
  • Delta Corner Strip Tape
  • Delta Dual V3 Sump Pump
  • AlertMaxx High Level Alarm
  • PowerMaxx Battery Backup
  • Natcem 35 , Natural Cement Product

Click here to read more about the BRE Flood Resilient Test Home Project as seen on the BBC’s Country File programme.

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