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Radon mitigation new construction

Case Study: Radon Testing & Remediation

Project: Radon Remediation, South East England
Key Features: ADD Waterproofing system


Although not located in a so-called radon ‘Affected Area’, this workplace in South East England has a basement so radon testing was carried out to comply with workplace health & safety legislation.

The test revealed that the annual maximum radon level in this recreational room was 3001 Bq/m3, so remedial works were required to lower the concetration of the gas to below 400 Bq/m3 so that the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 would not apply. The basement was also suffering from damp penetration and the air was humid and stale.

Works Carried Out

ProTen Services specified the ADD Waterproofing system, which combines radon control and waterproofing in one unique system.

Cavity drainage membranes were applied to the walls and floor of the basement and sealed at all edges. A drainage channel and sump chamber were installed within the floor to evacuate any moisture from the basement. A positive pressure unit was fitted to draw clean, fresh air into the basement and an exhaust pipe containing an inline fan was installed to vent radon-laden air from behind the memrbane safely away from the property.


Once the installation was complete and all decoration works had been carried out, radon detectors were once again placed within the basement.

The test results revealed that the maximum radon level within the basement has now fallen to 81 Bq/m3, which is well within the guideline limits for workplaces. The basement is also now dry and the air quality fresh and healthy.

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