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Cintec Reinforcement & Anchoring

Proten were approached by a client who required an experienced Cintec Anchor contractor to assist with Cintec Reinforcement & Anchoring to  stabilise a stone built domestic property.

Drawing of a Stone Built Property

Designs were drawn up by a structural engineer. Our experienced structural repair surveyor Phil Bowdler implemented these designs into ProTen’s schedule of works.


Normally Cintec Anchors would be inserted alone the length of the wall. Using a high-performance cementitious grout which  ‘ties’ the structure together.

On this occasion this approach was not possible due to the location of windows. A specially manufactured steel frame was used to surround the existing opening. The Cintec Anchors were then attached to using a mechanical joint.

Site Photos

Using fully grouted anchors the appearance of the property would be minimally affected. The Cintec system comprises a steel section in a mesh fabric sleeve, into which a specially developed cementitious grout is injected under pressure. You can find out more about Cintec solutions by visiting their site.


The flexible sleeve of woven polyester restrains the flow and expands to about twice its normal diameter, moulding itself into the shape and spaces within the walls, providing a mechanical bond.

Our works included the installation of 18 Stitching anchors in total and final connection to the steel frame.

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