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Crack Stitching Damp Works in Bristol

Crack Stitching & Damp Works in Bristol.

Our client called ProTen to look at some damp issues with her property. Signs of dampness were confirmed using a damp meter and appeared to have been caused by several issues. No apparent damp proof course, an abutting garden wall as well as signs of water ingress from a historic leak were all contributing factors.

Using google street view we were able to ascertain a historical leak from the neighbour’s overflow had allowed moisture to enter the property over the course of several years. This has since been fixed but the symptoms remained.

An obvious crack to the lounge wall was noted and the potential need for a structural repair was allowed for as part of the scope of works.

A report and scope of works were drawn up and the client advised to seek the assistance of a structural engineer to ensure that the building itself was not suffering from further movement.

The client engaged us to carry out the damp treatment works which involved removing wall plaster.

I had been staring at this crack quite a while thinking it was just a crack in my plaster.

Once Jeremy and his team got involved, they uncovered how serious the issue was.

Once the plaster had been removed it became apparent that some poor building detail and stepped cracking had occurred due to the brickwork not being tied in correctly.

The cracks reached all the way to the neighbouring property where it was possible to see the back of the neighbour’s plaster.

Throughout the whole process Jeremy ensured that I understood exactly what needed to happen.

Remedial Wall Ties

Jeremy turned up before the work began and introduced me to the guys who were going to fix the problem and checked in whilst they were progressing. Not only were they lovely and skilled, but they covered everything in my sitting room so the impact of the mess was minimal.

ProTen inserted Helifix bars and resin fixed in place to assist with stabilising the wall before applying a salt retardant render system filling in any voids and acting as a base for the final plaster finish.

I am sitting here looking at my wall in my sitting room and its is perfect, and probably now the safest wall in my aging Victorian Terrace that I have.

ProTen are not wedded to any supplier which means we can utilise the best and right products for the job with the minimal amount of disruption to the specified works.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeremy. He is an extremely knowledgeable professional. He provides an exceptional level of service and everyone that works with him has the deepest respect for him.

Customer: Jane Carvell


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