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Dry Rot

Dry Rot In Lincolnshire

Our surveyor was asked to attend a converted chapel in Lincolnshire to check for Dry Rot after some reddish brown mushrooms appeared around a door frame.

The property has a history of dry rot and the client reached out to ProTen for assistance.

Dry Rot Fruiting Body

The Survey

Our surveyor; Liz Sanigar attended the site and carried out a full exterior survey. Dry Rot needs the right conditions to thrive, and moisture plays a large part in the development of this wood rotting fungus.

Liz quickly established some areas of concern that could be contributing to moisture entering the building. Staining to the brick work indicated leaking gutters, parapets & defective roof coverings.

Water Staining

Making sure your building is watertight is the first line of defence against dampness and ultimately fungal decay.

The Problem with dry rot

Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) is one of the few types of fungal decay that can grow and effectively hunt for sources of food through masonry. This means that a visual inspection is rarely enough.

We would usually prefer to carry out an invasive survey removing wall plaster to fully understand the full extent of dry rot infection. However, in this case the wall plaster was defective anyway so would be removed as part of the works.

Defective Plaster and Dry Rot

Ongoing Site Visits

When our surveyor visited site as part of the ongoing works schedule this revealed that dry rot mycelium had spread all around the door frame.

If we had limited our works to the visible area only then the dry rot would have returned.

Further exposure to the roof revealed the presence of wet rot to several joist ends that needed to be replaced.

Joist repairs

The Treatment

A chemical treatment was needed to the masonry to stop and eradicate the Dry Rot. Holes are drilled into the brickwork at strategic areas and then the chemical is introduced as well as the oversite being surface sprayed as well.

The Joists were repaired using a bolt on method with the ends being wrapped in a modern DPM to give the new timbers longevity.

The site was then left clean and tidy for the clients other trades people to carry out the final finishing detail.

ProTen can help

Dry rot can be difficult to eradicate without specialist intervention.  If you have a similar project or would like more information please contact us 0800 012 6094 or complete the form below and one of our team will call you back.

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