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Flood Protection Case Study

Project: Flood Protection, Central Brittany, France

Key Features: Wetaway WaterStop Barriers


Set on the banks of the Brest-Nantes canal in central Brittany, this millhouse had been subject to extreme flooding during bad weather. The owners, the Hunter family wanted a robust means of preventing the water from entering the property through doorways and low windows during future flooding, so contacted ProTen Services for advice. ProTen Services specified the Wetaway WaterStop barriers; a stainless steel modular barrier engineered in Germany.

Works Carried Out

ProTen Services sent a two-man team to Brittany who installed the barriers to seven door and window openings. The barriers are fully removable and consist of vertical rails, a floor seal and a number of individual slats to give a barrier approximately 900mm high.

Before installing the barriers, the stone surfaces and mortar joints had to be prepared and leveled-out, and fixing holes were drilled into the bricks.


Once each of the barriers had been installed, they were tested for water tightness. The slates have been removed and kept bundled together ready to install if a flood warning is issued. Although the vertical side rails are removable, the owners have decided to leave these in place.

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