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Tackling Damp in a Tight Spot

Q. How do we treat damp in a wall with restricted access?

A. With the same care and attention to detail we apply on every job!

When a client approaches us to treat damp affected walls, its nothing unusual for us here at ProTen.

However this site presented us with a specific challenge with very limited access. In order to treat the damp successfully this would take some patience and thought.

Firstly, our technicians used their experience and skill to remove the damp plaster.

This allows for new salt retardant plaster system to be applied.

As you can see there is no more than 400mm space (that’s more narrow than a standard door).

Painstakingly this process takes time and skill to apply the necessary treatments.

Finally, a skim plaster coat is applied and finished with skirting boards.

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If you have a damp issue in your property and no one can find a way to carry out the works due to difficult access then contact ProTen for expert diagnosis and execution.

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