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Timber Resin Repair

Timber Resin Repairs Case Study

Project: Brownfield Redevelopment, Buckinghamshire
Key Features: Resin repairs to truss ends and laminated beams


Wolverton Park is a multi-million pound brownfield redevelopment scheme near Milton Keynes that includes the conversion of the former Royal Train Shed into high-spec new homes. The original timbers in the Grade II listed building were suffering from decay but, where possible, needed to be retained so ProTen Services were called in.

Works Carried Out

ProTen Services specified various methods of timber repairs using epoxy resins. These methods allow all or the majority of the original timbers to be retained, whilst repairing the timber in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Several of the truss ends were severely decayed. ProTen Services removed the decayed parts and used reclaimed sections of timber from elsewhere on the site to create Timber Resin Splices. This method involves bonding a replacement section of timber to the original beam, using a combination of resin and reinforcing bars.

Water ingress over a number of years had also led to parts of the laminated beams (used to form curved beams) to delaminate. ProTen Services removed the decayed parts, replaced these with new layers of timber and used resin to bond the new laminates. Resin was also injected between gaps in the retained timber laminates to consolidate the layers.


Once completed, the resin repairs left the beams in a safe and stable condition. The vast majority of the original timber was retained, and as the repairs were carried out using timber reclaiemd from the site, the timbers matched so well that the untrained eye would be unable to detect the repairs.

The overall scheme has recently won the National Home Improvement Council award for ‘Best Brownfield or Recycled Building Project’

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