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Timber Resin Splice (TRS) repairs at Wiltshire School

The problem with timber is that it can decay

Proten Bristol were asked to attend site by the client after discovering severe wood rot /fungal decay in embedded timbers during redecoration.

The timbers showed signs of wet rot which had been caused by defective roof and gutters that allowed moisture to penetrate the building.

Embedded Lintel With Wet Rot Embedded Purlin with Wet Rot To Wall Plate Close up of Wet Rot affected Timber

Severely Affected Lintel by Wet Rot Purlin affected by Wet Rot

A selection of images showing the initial damage

The areas were exposed so that the full extent of work could be identified. The Lintel would have to be replaced in its entirety whilst most of the purlins could be salvaged with just the ends being replaced.

Together with a structural engineer and architect ProTens surveyor assisted with proposing a timber resin splice repair. A system that allows new and old timber to be joined together using a highly advanced bonding resin.

Once cured these systems are incredibly strong and able to handle the compressive loads.

Our experience allowed us to not only propose the chosen system but also a safe method so that the lintel could be installed without disturbance to the rest of the property.

The Lintel by itself would be to heavy and cumbersome to fit in one unit so it was decided to split this into ‘easier to handle’ 2.6 meter lengths which would be joined in the middle using the TRS method.

New Timber Replacement Splice (TRS) Lintel Replacement New Timber Replacement Splice (TRS) Lintel Replacement Structural Scaffold Used to support roof

Images of replacement timbers and structural supports required to complete works

The works themselves took 3 days which included removing all old timbers and clearing the areas so that new timbers could be installed. All new timbers were wrapped in a modern damp proof membrane to prolong the life of them where they came into contact with the building.

TRS Timber Replacement Splice Prepared waiting for Resin TRS Timber Replacement Splice Prepared with resin

Slots are made to receive the TRS system and bonded using resin

TRS Timber Replacement Splice Lintels Bonded in Place

The bonded lintel once installed.

TRS Timber Replacement Splice Prepared with resin inserted TRS Timber Replacement Splice Prepared waiting for Resin

On a smaller scale, similar repairs to Purlins

Once decorated these timbers will be indistinguishable from the original 12th Century construction and will continue to be structurally viable for many years to come.

TRS Timber Replacement Splice completed and painted

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