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Remedial Wall Ties

Wall Ties Replacement in Weston Super Mare

Case Study: Cavity Wall Ties, Crack Stitching & Masonry Reinforcement

Background: The client requested a quotation for the installation of Wall ties Replacement in Weston super mare using remedial cavity wall ties and crack stitching repairs following a structural engineers report. The property in question had wire-type wall ties, which were showing evidence of corrosion, resulting in fractures and instability of the masonry. Additionally, external inspection revealed cracking of mortar joints to all elevations. The client’s building surveyor identified movement in the property due to insufficient rainwater drainage, which contributed to horizontal cracking internally in the front bedroom.

The location of the property is facing the Bristol Channel meaning that seawater spray can be a contributing factor to the demise of wall ties.

Picture of Corroded Wall Tie Wall Ties Replacement in Weston Super Mare

Corroded Wall Tie

Associated Defects

Our Project Surveyor Jeremy Johnson noted the following defects which could accelerate wall tie failure.

  1. Defective mortar joints.
  2. Defective gutters and downpipes.


Based on the findings, ProTen Services made the following recommendations:

  1. Remedial Wall Tie Works: Due to the extensive corrosion observed in the ties, the installation of ProTen Services Drive Ties stainless steel wall tie system was recommended as the best course of action. This system is recommended by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and complies with their guidelines (BRE Digest 401).
  2. Crack Stitching: To prevent further long-term damage, ProTen Services proposed strengthening the masonry using a combination of high-grade stainless steel and a non-shrink polymer cementitious grout.
  3. Associated Defect Recommendations: Considering the location of the property, the application of ProTen Services’ waterproof façade treatment, Thermability Pro, was suggested. This treatment reduces lateral penetration of rainwater through porous masonry and helps maintain the thermal resistance of the walls, resulting in energy savings and reduced heat loss.

Specification of Remedial Work for Wall Ties Replacement in Weston Super Mare:

  Drilling New Pattern for replacement wall ties Wall Ties Replacement in Weston Super Mare Wall Ties Replacement in Weston Super Mare Holes filled Wall Ties Replacement in Weston Super Mare

  1. Client Responsibilities: The client provided access to power, water, and welfare facilities.
  2. Remedial Wall Tie Works:
    • Design a new pattern of ties to British Standard 5628.
    • Drill the walls externally, into the inner leaf, and install ProTen Services Drive Ties stainless steel wall ties. Fill drill holes.
    • Perform random “pull out” testing of sample ties to ensure correct fixing.
    • Sample tests were performed so there was no need for alternative fixing methods such as resin or grout fixed ties.
    • Existing wire ties can remain in the brickwork to corrode away while maintaining the structural integrity of the walls as there is no expansion concerns.
  3. Crack Stitching:
    • Use a disc cutter with a vacuum attachment to make chases into the designated mortar bed joint, extending 500mm beyond the crack.
    • Make further chases at approximately 300mm vertical centers along the full extent of the crack.
    • Clean out the chase with water, prime the masonry surface.
    • Insert ProTen Services Cementitious Grout and HeliBar stainless steel bar into the chase, ensuring a secure fit.
    • Apply a second bead of grout and tool it smooth.
    • Re-point the chase with mortar to match the existing pointing.
    • Use existing bricks for cosmetic repairs, if necessary.
  4. Safe Working Access: To ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, we used a mobile access tower.
  5. External Façade Cream:
    • Apply ProTen Services’ ThermoKote Masonry Protection Cream to all elevations.
    • The cream limits the absorption of rainwater into porous building materials while allowing the passage of water vapor, allowing the walls to breathe.


ProTen Services provided a comprehensive solution for the client’s cavity wall tie and masonry reinforcement needs. By addressing the corrosion and instability issues the masonry will be strengthened. By protecting the property from further damage caused by water penetration Using Thermability Pro Masonry Protection Cream. This also offers long-term benefits, such as improved thermal resistance and energy savings. With their expertise and adherence to standards, ProTen Services ensures the effective and reliable resolution of the identified issues.

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