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Waterproofing Big Yellow Storage Company

Waterproofing below ground structures can be particularly problematic when trying to stop Lateral penetration of groundwater.

Recently ProTen were requested to attend a commercial storage area for the Big Yellow Storage Company.

Our CSSW qualified Surveyor Darren Goodwin was dispatched to the premises and quickly identified that Inadequate waterproofing and poor design applied by others was failing.


At the time of inspection, the walls were noted to be very damp and evidence of ‘free water’ ingress was notably apparent.

After consideration of the pattern of moisture readings found and the general pattern of dampness noted we concluded that the existing pumps failure to clear excess water from within the formed channel has allowed water accumulation to penetrate through the unprotected surfaces of the channel, particularly at the concrete wall/brick upstand junction.

This has permitted the free-standing water to escape the channel and penetrate behind the render in situ consequently causing water to seep out below the render at the wall/floor junction. Unwanted high-water pressure behind said render has equally caused the waterproof render to sporadically fail and de-bond from the wall.

Darren Goodwin CSTDB/CSSW        


When considering the most appropriate specification for remedial action, the proposed use of the subject area must be determined to ensure the correct methods of treatment are recommended as being fit for purpose, environmentally acceptable and can be undertaken in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations.

The location is currently being utilised as storage space and it is the intention that after waterproofing the areas will be used for similar purposes.

Darren Goodwin CSTDB/CSSW        

In addition, under the guidelines issued within BS8102, the specified method of Damp-proofing and Waterproofing must take into account the accessibility of the system to affect any future repairs which may become necessary.

BS8102 recommends that in designing the waterproofing system, you should expect that water pressure will come to bear against the structure at some time.


ProTen has access to many industry leading products which make us extremely flexible when finding the right solution for our client.

In order to contain water and manage water into an existing drainage channel (trough) a robust system was designed which included lining of the existing structure with Koster NB1 whilst utilising existing Delta membrane. In conjunction with the trough treatments a waterproof render with Sika waterproof additive was also adopted.


A summary of our recommendations:

• The application of Type A cementitious waterproofing render to walls
• The continued use of a cavity drained membrane and associated pumps.
• The application of Type A waterproof membrane to line the trough/channel in order to create a watertight seal to contain free standing water which will ultimately be discharged by the pumps in situ.
• The sealing of the wall/floor junction by use of a polymer membrane


The above will ensure that the sufficient discharge of free standing water within the trough/channel will in due course reduce stresses upon the render in situ and subsequently provide a dry space where water ingress is managed and controlled sufficiently.

ProTen Services are a property preservation company with a first-class reputation in the diagnosis and treatment of damp, timber decay, condensation and structural issues. We also provide specialist below ground waterproofing, concrete repair and radon gas testing and remediation solutions.

With our commitment to quality, our aim is to provide the specialist level of knowledge and technical expertise required to ensure that properties receive the correct diagnosis, treatment and protection in the future.

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