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Waterproofing the exterior of a Swimming Pool


ProTen were asked to assist on a new build project to give the structure a waterproofing solution around the exterior perimeter of the swimming pool once built.

Our surveyor Tommy Burden firstly checked the provided architects drawings taking into consideration the materials proposed and their compatibility with waterproofing solutions.

This highlighted a potential issue as Stepoc blocks were specified as part of the main structure. These blocks are hollow when fitted and then filled with concrete for structural integrity. The potential issue with this product is quality control of the concrete where voids may occur allowing the future possibility of failure when using direct applied systems, further, this type of construction will not easily allow the insertion of water bar to construction joints.

ProTen are not wedded to any one supplier so we were able to provide a solution together with our product suppliers at Triton Systems. They assisted with advice on the best products to use when Waterproofing the exterior of a Swimming Pool and a  suitable scope of works was designed and produced for the client in the form of a report.

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In essence the structure from below and, any retaining walls would require waterproofing.

Architect Drawings

Working with other contractors the first stage is to lay a bonded membrane for the initial foundation of the building.

Bonded Membrane Hydrolock

Steel Reinforcement is laid by others and concrete applied

Hydrolock Membrane Steels Inserted Concrete application

The bonded membrane is completely wrapped onto the  base of the exterior walls.

The walls themselves are treated with  a spray application of primer the application of a self-adhesive sheet membrane (TES EX100) constructed from an oriented cross laminated HDPE sheeting and a bitumen-polymer adhesive compound. Then a double drain membrane was fitted, this is finished with a section called a ‘top hat’ which stops debris and water from entering behind.

Architect Drawings Architect Drawings


Our lead operative; Mark Woolard worked on the project tirelessly to get the job finished on time to the highest standard.

The internal swimming pool will be completed by the clients own specialist contractor.

Waterproofing design and correct installation of waterproofing products should be a high priority for any developer when Waterproofing the exterior of a Swimming Pool or where structures below ground are concerned.

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