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Woodworm treatment due to ongoing damp problems

The Survey

Although the property had a sound chemically injected damp proof course, water had seeped into the wall and caused the joist bearing ends to rot. The combination of this and the damp atmosphere in the cellar had provided the ideal conditions for a woodworm infestation to take hold. There was decay to the timbers but no evidence of dry rot.

The Treatment

Proten ensured the area was prepared for treatment. This involved removing the remains of the lath and plaster ceiling to expose the underside of the floorboards, clearing debris from the cellar to allow better air circulation, removing debris in the wall pocket and making good and cutting back the rear section joists clear of the wall. This vital preparation then allowed our Proten Operative to apply the correct Micro Insecticidal Emulsion treatment spray to all exposed timbers.

The Result

The above preparation and treatment works programme provides both short and long term protection. It treats the current woodworm infestation and prevents the issue from re-occurring by removing the opportunity for damp conditions to occur again. This work was done in the minimum amount of time, working in conjunction with the builder and the happy client being able to continue his refurbishment programme. The treatment works are covered by a 10 year company guarantee.

If you uncover damp related issues during property refurbishment we advise you to get it checked. Please contact Proten Services and one of our team will offer advice and arrange a survey should this be necessary.

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