Condensation Control Units

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Condensation Control Units

ProTen specifies and installs a range of gold star condensation units that work to stop condensation.

Positive Input Ventilation Units (PIV)

Positive Input Ventilation is a way of improving and introducing ventilation within a whole property. There are units available that suit homes with a loft, without a loft and bungalows. The units are compact and can be fitted in a hallway or out of site in a utility cupboard or in the loft.

The principal of these units is the same; they work continuously and quietly throughout the home to prevent condensation. They stop mould and provide fresh, filtered and cleaner air into the property. They work by creating a slight positive air pressure within the property which dilutes and displaces the excess moisture in the air which is then pushed out through naturally occurring leakage points. This means the excess moisture in the property is removed and therefore does not build up on internal surfaces to form condensation and the resulting black mould.

Furthermore, the units use a filter, so the air that recirculates throughout the home is clean and pure to provide a healthier living environment that is free from moisture on a consistent and continuous basis.

Different units come with different features in various sizes. This is where the knowledge of our damp and condensation survey team can ensure the right unit is specified. Features include:

  • Will start to cure condensation within two days of installation
  • Works continuously to replace contaminated air with filtered fresh, drier air
  • Significantly improves indoor air quality removing pollutants such as carbon monoxide and radon gas
  • Health benefits to occupants due to high grade filters removing  dust, pollen
  • Redistributes heat to improve efficiency of central heating
  • Operates throughout the home, not just in one room
  • Quietly running therefore operates with minimum noise
  • Energy positive with low running costs of around 2p per day.
  • Unit operates automatically with no attention required from occupants
  • Maintenance free other than replacing filters every 1-2 years

Extractor Fans

Extractor fans provide continuous background enhancement ventilation for bathrooms and kitchens which are producing high levels of moisture, the volume of which combined with lack of ventilation is causing condensation and damp issues.  High performance fans have superior features to make them more effective in fighting the battle against moisture and condensation, features such as a boost facility via a humidistat to provide a higher volume extract capacity when required, impellor technology which makes a unit exceptionally quite and more economical to run. This means our units offer superior performance when compared to other more standard off the shelf extractor fans.

  • Powerful extraction
  • Economical to run
  • Provides continuous background ventilation with integral humidistat, pull cord or light switch boost and variable speed settings
  • High performance (removing up to 25 litres of moisture / second)
  • Exceptionally quiet using the very latest impellor technology
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flexible positioning options suitable for surface or semi recessed mounting
  • Low maintenance with easy to remove and washable filter
  • Unit warranty
  • Comply with Building Regulations

More Information

For more information about our condensation control solutions please get in touch with the ProTen team who will be happy to help and answer your questions.


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