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Tackling and treating damp to ensure long term protection requires a high level of technical expertise and experience. This is where the damp proofing specialists here at ProTen can help.

We give our customers access to a team of experienced damp proofing surveyors who identify the root cause of the problem. Our team of inhouse damp proofing contractors then install the necessary damp treatment requirements.

Read on for more information about damp, the problems it causes and the solutions we use to fix damp problems in your property.

The effects of damp on a property

Damp proofing companies will tell you, that ongoing damp can have far reaching consequences to a property as brickwork, plaster and surrounding timbers continue to become more and more saturated. Damp patches will start to appear; plaster will begin to bubble and crumble and a tide mark, mould and a musty smell could all be evident.

The damp conditions will mean adjacent timbers are at an ever-increasing risk to wood boring beetle attack, wet and dry rot. The result is damage to the overall fabric of the property and weakening to the timbers which will become increasingly costly and more difficult to repair.

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What are the different types of damp?

Damp can be generally classified into three categories; rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Each type is caused by different issues and each will require a different method of damp proofing control or treatment.

Rising Damp

Moisture rises from the ground and if there is no barrier it will seep into bricks, mortar and plaster. Overtime, signs of the effects caused by rising damp will start to appear; tide marks on a wall usually to a height of not more than 1 metre above ground level, bubbling and crumbling plaster and spoiled external brickwork or render.

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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is caused most commonly by ongoing building defects which allow water to penetrate a building such as leaking gutters and cracked rendering and defective plumbing. Environmental conditions such as prolonged periods of heavy rain and strong winds can also be a factor. As such and unlike rising damp, it can appear anywhere in a property. Green mildew on brickwork, damp patches on walls are common signs of this type of damp problem.

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Condensation can often present itself like a damp problem. However, unlike rising or penetrating damp, condensation can occur anywhere in a property and at any height where lack of ventilation, airflow and high humidity levels are a problem. Black mould and streaming windows are the common sign.

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What can our damp proofing company do to fix the problem?

We pride ourselves on giving all our clients, from homeowners and builders to  landlords, honest and professional advice on all damp proofing and control matters. Our solutions will not just treat the immediate problem in the right way but our damp proofing specialists have the expertise to recommend the solutions to give long term protection to the property.

Damp survey: finding out the source of the problem

Damp proofing control methods can vary, ranging from improving ventilation, to a chemical damp proof course injection to clearing vegetation, or fixing a leaking pipe.  The first step we take is to carry out a site survey to understand the cause of the problem and assess for any resulting damage such as dry rot or timber decay or beetle infestation such as woodworm.  It is this understanding that is essential before recommending the remedial action that needs to take place.

Our damp surveys, are carried out by one of our experienced and industry qualified damp surveyors. We carry these out for our commercial and residential clients. We conduct a range of surveys and more information can be found by visiting our Surveys page.

Damp treatment: to resolve and provide long term property protection

There are a range of solutions we use to treat damp which often need to work in combination with each other to be successful. As damp proofing contractors, we will achieve maximum effectiveness using the best products and materials, with minimum levels of risk and disturbance to our clients, their properties and the surrounding environment.

Our damp proofing services and treatments include:

–  Application of a chemical damp proof course
–  Installation of below ground waterproofing systems including cavity drainage and tanking
–  Installation of Positive Input Ventilation and Extract Fans that will stop condensation and black mould
–  Application of external and internal wall treatments that will stop damp, black mould and condensation
–  Property maintenance

Our damp company team will ensure the works we carry out on site are efficient and offer minimum disruption to property occupants. This we do via our own contracts management team who project manage all works that are carried out by our local teams of highly experienced and trained damp specialist operatives. The products we use are industry approved and our damp proofing teams are trained in their correct specification and application.

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