Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing

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Tackling and treating damp to ensure long term protection, requires a high level of technical expertise and experience which is how the damp proofing specialists at ProTen Services can help.

We give our commercial and domestic clients access to a team of experienced damp proofing surveyors who will idently the root cause of the problem. Where work is required, our team of inhouse damp proofing contractors will carry out the necessary damp treatment requirements.

How damp can affect a property

Damp that is ongoing, can have far reaching consequences to a property. As brickwork, plaster and surrounding timbers become more and more saturated, damp patches will start to appear, plaster will begin to bubble and crumble and a tidemark, mould and a musty smell could all be evident.

These damp conditions will mean adjacent timbers are at an ever-increasing risk to woodworm and wet and dry rot.

The result is worsening damage to the overall fabric of the property, increased risk of woodworm and fungal attack, and a weakening to the timbers which will become increasingly costly and ever more difficult to repair.

What are the different types of damp?

Damp does not take just one form. It can be classified into three types: rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Each type is caused for different reasons and each type will require a different method of damp proofing control and treatment. Working with an experienced damp proofing company is essential to make sure the right approach is taken to resolve the damp problem.

What are the signs of damp?

  • Walls damp to the touch
  • Damp patches on walls
  • Plaster that appears blistered
  • Peeling wallpaper and/or flaking paint
  • Black mould or mildew on walls
  • Damp and musty smell

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