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How to stop condensation

Condensation is a common and can be a very troublesome problem but there are solutions available that allow it to be prevented and completely stopped. We work with homeowners and with landlords and housing associations to diagnose and treat the problem providing help and advice on how to prevent condensation.

How do ProTen work to stop condensation and black mould problems?

We provide the following:

  • We conduct a condensation survey to diagnose the cause of the condensation problem
  • We give access to solutions that will improve ventilation and stop black mould:
    • a gold star range of vetted, best on the market condensation control units
    • ProTen ThermoKote, an anti mould treatment
  • We  carry out onsite works including the installation of unit/s, black mould removal and redecoration
  • After service care and peace of mind through warranty on units and our condensation help desk

Condensation Survey

The cause of condensation can be more complicated than is often thought and ProTen Services will undertake a condensation survey to build a true diagnostic picture of why the condensation is occurring.

This will involve identifying the moisture, humidity and dew point levels within a property, looking for influencing factors which could be causing the condensation and checking for any resulting damage or other potential damp conditions.

Methods to combat condensation

We use a variety of methods to stop condensation:

Condensation Control Units

ProTen Services provide customers access to our own vetted range of mechanical units which we specify as per the property requirements. The units within the ProTen Condensation Control Unit Range, ensures there is a solution suitable for all different property types; houses, flats, basements and bungalows for residential, tenanted and commercial premises to combat condensation, humidity and ventilation problems.

  • Positive Input Ventilation Unit Range
  • Extractor Fan Range
  • Heat Recovery Unit Range

These units provide a superior and cost effective long term solution and if installed, positioned and looked after properly will stop condensation.  Our surveyors understand the unit or combination of units that is required and our installers are qualified.  Their expertise and attention to detail will ensure the unit is positioned, installed and set to give optimum performance.

Installation of materials to combat cold walls

We work with several products which work to combat the property factors that could be leading to condensation problems.  For example, products that give a solution to combat a cold wall which can cause condensation problems by forming a thermal barrier.

Mould Treatment

We carry out mould removal and mould resistant decoration using ThermoKote, an anti condensation paint that stops black mould from forming on walls and ceilings.

What is Positive Input Ventilation?

Positive Input Ventilation units work continuously and quietly throughout the home to prevent condensation. They stop mould and provide fresh, filtered and cleaner air into the property.

They do this by creating a slight positive air pressure within the property, this dilutes and displaces the excess moisture in the air which is then pushed out through naturally occurring leakage points. This means the excess moisture in the property is removed and therefore cannot build up on internal surfaces to form condensation and the resulting black mould.

Using a filter system, the air that recirculates throughout the home is clean and pure to provide a healthier living environment that is free from moisture on a consistent and continuous basis.


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