Thermability Pro

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The invisible paint that keeps walls dry and protects against damp

Thermability Pro is a scientifically tested masonry protection paint that keeps walls dry and warm with its unique water repellent properties, making it stand apart from other thinner protective masonry coatings.

Thermability Pro works by penetrating masonry and lining the pores rather than blocking them. This allows the wall to breathe yet provides that all important barrier to water ingress to stop masonry becoming saturated.

Once applied, it penetrates deeply into the masonry before curing to form a colourless, breathable water repellent barrier. Its colourless formula means it does not alter the appearance of stone, brick or concrete to which it can be applied.

The benefits of Thermability Pro at a glance

  • Protects a property from damp by keeping walls dry & warm
  • Aids the prevention of moisture damage to plaster, timbers and masonry
  • Enhances water resistance of the wall
  • Improves energy performance
  • Long lasting performance due to penetrating deeply beyond the depth of small cracks
  • Can be applied to a range of substrates
  • The only colourless masonry water repellent treatment that carries BBA approval

ProTen uses Thermability Pro to provide damp protection to properties

Our knowledge of damp allows us to consider the most appropriate solutions to protect properties which we do through our damp surveys and surveyor team and application via our onsite operatives.

We will recommend Thermability Pro in situations where our damp survey shows a property as being susceptible to damp problems, water ingress and penetrating damp, all evident as damp patches on internal walls. It can be used as its stand alone solution or to compliment a damp proofing system to provide added protection.

As well as specifiying, we also carry out the necessary wall preparation which is vital to its success and then application.  This process is particularly important in situations where masonry is in poor condition and in need of repair for example repairing of cracks and re-pointing.

Thermability Pro will:

Protect a property against damp and water ingress

Its application will give a property the benefit of continued protection against water ingress which means walls will stay drier and therefore warmer. This will stop water penetrating through and damaging internal plaster and timbers and can reduce the chances of surface condensation and black mould from forming. We apply it in situations where walls are heavily exposed to wind driven rain, where rain water splashes over a damp proof course often combined where bricks are porous and there is no cavity wall.

Form part of a flood resilience programme

Masonry treated with Thermability Pro, will aid post flood recovery. It will help walls dry out more quickly, meaning there is less chance of complications of moisture affecting timbers and plaster occurring in the future.

Help save energy  

Dry walls are better insulators than wet walls and tests carried out by the University of Portsmouth demonstrate that energy savings of up to 29% are possible by keeping walls dry using Thermability Pro.

Improve insulation in older properties with single brick solid walls

Thermability Pro can assist with insulating single brick solid walls in older properties, in listed buildings and in those properties considered as ‘Hard to Treat’ (HTT) ie where cavity wall insulation is not possible due to the age of the property or type of construction.

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