ThermoKote is an anti-condensation paint that will prevent the formation of black mould on walls and ceilings.

What makes ThermoKote different from other anti-mould or anti-condensation paints?

ThermoKote contains tiny, non-toxic glass microspheres rather than biocides which allows the wall to retain heat for much longer compared to other decorative or specialist paints. This is what sets it apart for other more standard anti condensation paints.

How does it work?

The glass beads, effectively become “charged” like a battery cell to form a thin thermal layer which allows surfaces to retain heat rather than the heat passing through.

It is this heat retention that means the wall stays warmer which in turn reduces the chance of surface condensation forming and so preventing the damp wall conditions which causes black mould.

ThermoKote can be painted or wall papered over without affecting its performance which allows re-decoration of a property to take place to the style and type required yet continuing to give ongoing protection against black mould.

Benefits of ThermoKote at a glance

  • Prevents black mould and reduces surface condensation
  • Prevent the build-up of harmful spores which can cause respiratory, skin and immune problems
  • Perfect for use internally on those external cold exterior walls and areas of missing insulation
  • Can be painted or wallpapered over unlike biocidal or absorbing anti-mould paints
  • Minimum disruption and time efficient due to its quick drying times

Dealing with Condensation

The most effective way to tackle condensation in a property is by reducing the amount of moisture in the home through adapting living habits and improving ventilation and air movement. Methods such as the introduction of Positive Input Ventilation and Extraction Fans are the methods we recommend and install to do this.

However, the presence of black mould growth on walls and ceilings is a stubborn and distressing problem and can be caused due to cold surfaces which are difficult or impossible to rectify. Examples of these are as follows:

  • Cold, north facing external walls
  • Poor heating or areas of missing insulation
  • Solid walls or walls with a minimal cavity
  • Failed cavity fill insulation which has caused “cold spots”
  • Areas of poor ventilation (behind furniture, corners of a room)

ThermoKote to stop black mould

ThermoKote is a cost effective and low disruptive way of dealing with these problems. We work with housing associations and landlords so they can support their tenants and maintain their property stock as well as with homeowners to stop condensation and black mould problems in properties.

Our Surveyor will conduct a condensation survey to assess the cause of damp and condensation problems and property maintenance requirements.

Where ThermoKote is recommended, we can either supply ThermoKote directly to clients or we can carry out the preparation, application and redecoration works for our clients. This will involve mould removal, wall preparation treatment and clean down followed by ThermoKote application and redecoration.

We use ThermoKote to complement our property preservation services as follows:

  • As a standalone solution to stop ongoing mould problems where walls are cold or areas where insulation may be missing or inadequate.
  • To compliment other works required to treat damp, condensation and mould problems such as the introduction of Positive Input Ventilation and Extraction Fans.

As part of a property maintenance redecoration programme to give long lasting protection against black mould.

If you are concerned about black mould in your property, contact us for more advice.

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