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ProTen can help with the detection and control of radon in properties

Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive gas that is formed during the decay of uranium, present in the ground in rocks and soil.  In low concentrations, the gas poses no threat. However, if the concentration of radon rises and amasses, it can have a serious impact on the health of the property’s occupants.

Our services involve testing for radon levels and using a control system to manage radon levels. In summary we carry out:

  • Radon Testing
  • Radon Level Analysis and Recommendations
  • Radon Control (including the ProTen Radon ADD Waterproofing System)

Radon Testing

Testing for radon is the only sure way to confirm the level of radon within a property, this can be carried out very simply using radon detectors. As a specialist radon testing company, ProTen offers a 3-month testing service with results processed in a PHE (Public Health England) approved laboratory. We can also carry out a survey of the property and offer guidance on where the radon detectors should be situated to give accurate radon level readings. Radon testing

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Radon Test Kit

Radon Level Analysis and Recommendations

Once the readings from the radon detectors and the results have been processed, our radon surveyor will analyse the findings. If readings are above recommended levels, our surveyor will visit the property to consider the remedial radon gas system required to control and reduce the levels of radon building up within the property.  Our radon surveyors skills involves assessing the results and recommending the best control solutions relevant to the property.

Radon Control

The ProTen Radon Aquis Double Defence (ADD) Waterproofing System has been specifically developed to provide a combined solution of waterproofing a basement and managing the reduction of radon gas.

Due to their below ground nature, basements are more naturally at risk to radon. When there is little air flow and lack of ventilation, radon has the opportunity to amass inside a property.

The ProTen Radon ADD Waterproofing System and how it works:

The Radon Aquis Double Defence System (ADD) is a patented system designed to create a dry living space whilst preventing the build-up of radon gas and control air-flow in any given space by using a combination of physical membrane barriers and air control.

This is achieved through a sophisticated system of positive pressure units and inline fans which ensures a constant flow of air prohibiting the build-up of radon. Any radon which penetrates the basement walls is efficiently removed and discharged into the open air at a safe distance from the building which therefore keeps property radon levels low so property occupants are no longer exposed.

Got a question about radon?  For more information on our radon testing services or to get a quotation for the management and mitigation of radon gas please contact ProTen directly.

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