Waterproofing System Design

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The design of your waterproofing or tanking system needs precision, expertise and to follow regulation guidelines

Where a design team for a basement conversion will usually include an architect, engineer and builder or basement conversion specialist, a revision to BS8102 2022 recommends a basement waterproofing specialist be included as part of that core design team at the earliest stages of the project, so that an integrated and practical waterproofing solution is created.

‘Waterproofing systems should be designed by a waterproofing design specialist. Designers who have successfully completed the Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) qualification available from the Property Care Association (PCA) would normally be acceptable to NHBC. The waterproofing design specialist should be appointed early in the design phase to co-ordinate with other designers, including the engineer, to ensure satisfactory integration of the waterproofing system into the building.’

ProTen’s role as the waterproofing design specialist

This change signifies the importance of waterproofing contractors and the expertise we bring.  We not only specify, design and install the behind the scenes waterproofing system that will keep the basement dry, we also fulfil the role of the waterproofing specialist to form an essential part of the waterproofing system design team. As the waterproofing specialist, we also take on the full liability of the design and implementation of the basement waterproofing system, meaning that the property owner is better protected.

British Standards regulation (BS8102:2022) advises that the waterproofing design specialist involved with the basement waterproofing project should have:

  • An in-depth understanding of the requirements of BS 8102:2022
  • Knowledge of the waterproofing systems available and how to apply these to the situation
  • The skills to determine sources of water, how it flows through the soil and interacts with the structure
  • Sufficient structural knowledge to be able to discourse meaningfully with the Structural Engineer
  • Sufficient geotechnical knowledge to be able to understand the implications of a soil report, and to discourse meaningfully with the Geotechnical Engineer