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Welcome to your local Helifix approved structural repair contractors

As Helifix Approved Installers, ProTen are approved to undertake the structural repair survey and design and install a Helifix approved repair system. We work in conjunction with Helifix to provide professional guidance and proposals based on our combined experience, technical know-how and product knowledge.

Helifix are market leading designers and manufacturers of structural repair products, Helical remedial wall ties, fixings and masonry repair systems.

Our Helifix process

  • Our enquiry team will gain an understanding of the problem and either arrange a survey appointment or put the client in touch with one of our structural remedial surveyors.
  • A wall tie survey can involve an intrusive wall tie survey to assess the condition of wall ties within the cavity wall or an initial visual inspection may be the first step.
  • If the site survey so determines, our structural repair surveyor will prepare a Helifix design solution which is submitted to the client. Our structural repair surveyor will of course be available to answer any questions.
  • We submit the Helifix design for approval by a Helifix Engineer. This also gives inclusion to the Helifix Insurance Scheme should the client wish to take a Helifix Warranty.
  • Details of the Helifix Warranty will be provided in the ProTen Inspection Report and the client will have the option to take this out or not.
  • On receipt of payment in full for the works, should the Helifix Warranty be required, ProTen will notify Helifix and they will issue the Helifix Warranty Certificate to the client. This certificate is transferable to any subsequent owner.

The Helifix Warranty

The Helifix Warranty is a 10-year Insurance Backed Warranty provided by Helifix which ProTen can offer to clients due to our Helifix Approved Contractor status. This is designed to provide added peace of mind to clients as it ensures that our 10-year ProTen Services Company Structural Guarantee is safeguarded for the future.

This Helifix Insurance Backed Warranty is in addition to Helifix Product Guarantees and Helifix PI Insurance which covers the design of the repairs.  The Warranty is also bonded by the Consumer Protection Association.

The cost of this warranty will be detailed as a separate item within the Inspection Report and can be discussed with your surveyor

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