Timber Resin Repairs

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Timber resin repair – a repair method to retain the structural integrity of decayed timbers

Timber resin repair is a method of structural repair used to replace decayed ends or mid-sections of timber beams, frame or joists which have decayed due to a rot or timber infestation.

The key benefit is that rather than having to remove and replace the whole timber some of which which may not be affected by any decay or it is structurally impractical to do so, it replaces only the part of the timber that has been damaged.

This makes it an ideal solution for heritage, churches and listed buildings preservation. It increases the opportunity to retain the original, often valuable and historical timbers as well as minimising the risk of damage to surrounding brickwork and plasterwork. Resins can be stained to match the original timber and specialised moulding mortars can be used to mimic graining and even woodworm and Deathwatch beetle flight holes.

The Process of a Timber Resin Repair

The process involves removing the decayed section of timbers and then slots and/or holes drilled in both the new and existing timber to receive reinforcing bars. The bars are placed in the slots, and resin is poured or injected to surround the reinforcement bars which then hardens to bond together the sections of timber.

ProTen are experienced timber resin repair contractors

ProTen’s experience as damp and timber treatment and structural repair specialists allows us to to survey, determine and carry out the right repair relevant for the situation. A resin repair maybe the solution required to preserve timbers and maintain the structural needs of the property.

You can find more information about timber decay, dry rot and woodworm by visiting our Timber Treatment section.

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