Dry Rot

Dry Rot

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Dry rot is a wood destroying fungus which develops in dark, out of sight, damp places, making it difficult to detect in its early stages. It will spread very quickly in prolonged damp conditions for example where there is an ongoing undetected leak or a penetrating damp issue such as a leaking roof.

What are the first signs of dry rot?

Early indications of dry rot will include a softening and shrinkage of wood and a mushroom type smell. It has the capability to travel through brickwork and plaster in search of its food source which gives it its highly destructive nature.

How does it spread?

Airborne spores, naturally present in the air, land on damp timber where they will begin to germinate.  If this is left to continue, white fungal growth will appear and strands will begin to form which will spread using the moisture and wood as their food source.

A pancake shaped fruiting body will form and eventually explode, producing a mass of rust red airborne spores which will settle on timbers and so beginning the process again.

How do ProTen survey for and treat dry rot?

At the initial survey, our industry qualified timber surveyors will look for the cause of the dry rot outbreak, investigating where the damp conditions are coming from and how far the outbreak has spread.

They will evaluate for all possible contributing factors; reasons for the damp conditions, water ingress points, ventilation and signs of further wood rot and decayed timbers. They will recommend and ensure the accurate treatment procedures are applied.

Treatment for dry rot involves:

  • Elimination of all points of water ingress causing the damp conditions
  • Removal and replacement of rotted timbers
  • Treatment of in-situ and replacement timbers
  • Application of the appropriate fungicidal spray, timber pastes or dual purpose fungicide

Treatment is carried out by our teams of trained operatives who have the skills and use the correct products to ensure the rot and its spores are destroyed to ensure complete eradication in both the short and the long term.

The range of wood preservatives and biocides we use as part of our treatment and repair solutions are the most up to date products available. They combine maximum effectiveness with minimum level of hazards to the health and safety of the buildings occupants and of course to the environment.

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