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What is Dry Rot?

9th October 2023

What is Dry Rot? Unveiling the Fungus That Can Threaten Your Home This is a term that strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners and property owners alike. It’s a destructive force that can silently creep through your home, causing damage that’s not only costly to repair but potentially dangerous to your health. In this…

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10 fabulously fungusy facts about dry rot

9th January 2019

What is dry rot? A dry rot problem is no laughing matter but credit where credit is due, it is a pretty amazing fungi. Read our 10 dry rot fabulous facts to find out more. 10 Facts about Dry Rot. One: Dry rot is a wood destroying fungus prone to originating in damp, dark and…

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Know the Signs of Dry Rot

27th September 2017

Dry rot is a serious issue, which can wreak havoc in a property if left undetected and untreated. It’s very nature means it’s prone to originating in damp and dark places that are out of sight and where leaks, one of the most common causes of a dry rot problem, can easily go unseen.  This…

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