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Diagnosis and expert damp treatment key to success

We pride ourselves on giving all our clients honest and professional advice on all damp proofing and control matters. Our solutions, will not just treat the immediate the problem in the right way but our damp proofing specialists have the expertise to recommend and install the solutions to give long term protection to the property.

Damp survey to find out the source of the problem

The first step we take is to carry out site survey to understand the cause of the problem and assess for any resulting problems such as dry rot, timber decay or woodworm infestation. It is this understanding that is essential towards recommending the remedial action that needs to take place as damp proofing control methods will vary, ranging from improving ventilation, to applying a chemical damp proof course to clearing vegetation and/or fixing a leaking down pipe.

Our damp surveys are carried out by one of our experienced, local and industry qualified damp surveyors. We conduct a range of surveys on behalf of commercial and domestic clients. You can read more information about these by visiting our survey information page.

Provision of an Inspection Report

Following the survey we provide an Inspection Report which will detail the observations of the surveyor, recommendation of next steps and a quotation and works programme for any necessary works.

Carry out damp treatment to resolve and provide long term property protection

We use a range of solutions to treat the different types of damp. Our goal as damp proofing contractors to achieve maximum effectiveness using the best products and materials, with minimal levels of risk and disturbance to our clients and their property’s and the surrounding environment.

Our damp proofing services and treatments include:

Our remedial chemical injected damp proof course is installed to form a barrier to moisture. Our damp proofing system involves drilling into the mortar joints at calculated intervals and then injecting a superior silicon fluid or gel. This chemical diffuses into the brickwork providing it with a water resistance barrier. The height of where we inject is determined by the site conditions such as external ground levels, type of brick and internal sub-floor levels.

Contaminated and spoiled plaster will be removed and replaced using our specialist re-plastering specification.

The treatment usually takes place from the inside as external renders and plinths can make it difficult to do from the exterior of a property. All sources of dampness are traced and addressed.

Cementitious tanking or waterproof cementitious membrane is another form of damp proofing used in circumstances where ground levels cause the possibility of lateral penetrating damp such as where there is internal suspended timber floor or solid floor lower than the high ground and/or where there is a bridging of the damp proof course.

A cementitious membrane uses a cement based chemical slurry which when plastered onto the wall reacts and penetrates the prepared surface to prevent water moving through earth retaining walls. This method can work in conjunction with a chemical DPC system and will be applied below the injected damp proof course to protect the skirting and sub floor timbers.

Cavity drainage is another method of below ground waterproofing using plaster sheeting membrane, drainage and pumps and more commonly used in basement waterproofing projects.

Further information about our below ground and basement waterproofing solutions can be found on our Basement Waterproofing pages.


Other treatments may also be necessary as a result of the damp conditions and to provide ongoing protection to the property. This may include timber treatment for woodworm, treating a dry rot outbreak and treatments that will protect the property from water penetration in the long term such as applying water repellent masonry protection cream to give a wall more resistance to water.  Visit Timber Treatment for more information.

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