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Cracks in internal walls, horizontal cracking in brick work, bowing brickwork, cracked lintels, arches and window cills – these are all signs that a building is undergoing movement or corrosion of some description. If any of these issues are present, you may need to invest in structural repairs.

As structural repair surveyors and contractors, our services are focused on the masonry repairs used to strengthen and to stop further movement. We survey, diagnose, design and install the systems required for the repair of the many different structural scenarios that can affect properties.

Our structural and concrete repair activities

  • Replacement of wall ties that are showing signs of cavity wall tie corrosion
  • Addition of wall ties where not enough are present
  • Forming or strengthening lintels above windows or replacing defective wooden lintels
  • Strengthening to masonry arches
  • Cracked and corroded concrete window cill repair
  • Securing the wall to internal floor joists or roof beams to stabilise bulging walls
  • Sympathetic restoration to structural timber beams which are suffering from decay

How we can help to resolve structural problems

We provide our structural repair services to commercial and public sector clients as well as homeowners who are concerned about structural problems in a property.

We work with Structural Engineers to carry out their recommended structural repairs programme and also support those who are buying a property where a structural problem has been flagged in a Homebuyers Survey or in a more detailed Structural Survey Report.

We are Helifix Approved Contractors which means that as structural repair contractors and concrete repair specialists we are approved to specify and install Helifix repair systems.

To speak to us for advice on all manner of structural repairs or to book a wall tie survey please call us or complete the enquiry form and we will be delighted to help.

Our Structural Repair Diagnosis and Contracts Works Process

  • We carry out a site survey to assess and define the reason for the structural issue. This is done through an initial inspection of visible and accessible areas
  • We carry out an intrusive wall tie survey to inspect the wall ties inside the cavity wall, when further investigation is deemed necessary
  • We prepare a design solution using a system specification from structural manufacturers including Helifix and Thor Helical for whom we are approved contractors
  • Our trained structural repair operatives carry out the repair overseen by our Contracts team and Surveyor
  • We can arrange for works to be independently supervised by a Structural Engineer or Chartered Building Surveyor
  • We provide a Company Structural Repair Guarantee. The option of Third Party Insurance and a manufacturers guarantee is also available

In certain cases, the nature of the structural problem may require a full property structural survey or calculations from a Structural Engineer. We will advise when this is necessary.

Structural Repair Methods

Different structural remedial methods can be used either individually or in combination to reinforce and stabilise existing walls whilst also distributing the structural load. This can include installing wall ties, crack stitching repair, installation of lateral restraints and carrying out concrete repairs.

Our damp proofing expertise also allows us to identify moisture ingress problems that could continue to cause a structural problem and take action to prevent this from happening such as repointing of brickwork or applying masonry applications such as Stormdry to stop water penetration.

We use a variety of structural repair systems to address problems, including the Helibeam System, BowTies, CemTies, HeliBars and Timber Resin Splice.

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