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We are your specialist basement waterproofing contractors and surveyors, providing the best in quality waterproofing systems.

As basement waterproofing contractors and as a company that solves damp problems, ProTen provides a range of below ground basement waterproofing solutions that work to keep a basement dry and damp free.

Embarking on a below ground waterproofing project whether for an existing property basement conversion, as part of a new build project, or if your current basement is suffering from damp problems, is a highly specialised operation with the correct design and workmanship key to its success.

How can we help with your basement waterproofing project:

We work with both commercial and private clients to:

  • Survey, design and install waterproofing systems for basement and cellar conversions or new build projects, working alongside the architect, builder or basement conversion company.
  • Survey and install basement waterproofing systems to combat damp problems in a damp basement or cellar.
  • Provide basement waterproofing solutions to stop damp where there is no basement, but external ground is higher than the internal floor.
  • Install sump and pumps as part of the basement waterproofing system.
  • Control radon gas as part of the waterproofing system.
  • Make properties more resilient to the effects of flooding using waterproofing products, methods and materials.

Why us?

Basement waterproofing can be carried out using a variety and often a combination of solutions, including cavity drainage membranes, drainage channels, cementitious tanking and the use of sump, pumps and alarms. It is a complex and technical process.

ProTen’s role is to specify the most suitable method and grade of waterproofing protection relevant to the project requirements, site conditions and the end use of the structure and to then install the system itself. We do this by understanding the needs of the project, carrying out onsite inspections and providing a detailed specification. We carry out the installation using our own operatives who are trained and skilled with works project managed by our contracts management team. Our work is guaranteed by our own 10-year company below ground waterproofing guarantee.

We work to BS8012: 2022 Regulations (the Code of practice for the waterproofing of underground structures) which govern below ground basement waterproofing with criteria specified that must be followed and we use high quality products supplied by only the best and most trusted manufacturers.


  • Experienced and qualified
    • Surveyors certified in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW)
    • Long standing industry experience as basement waterproofing contractors
    • Project management approach
  • Accredited
    • Members of the Property Care Association Register of Waterproofing Design Specialists
    • Approved waterproofing contractors with waterproofing product manufacturers including Delta Membrane Systems, Wkyamol and Triton
  • Regulated
    • Work to guidelines contained in industry regulations BS 8102:2022
    • Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance for Design of Waterproofing for Underground Structures
    • Meet regulations for the National House Build Council (NHBC) requirements on new build properties
  •  Guaranteed
    • Company below ground waterproofing guarantee
    • Third party insurance scheme
    • Product guaranteed via our product suppliers

We are committed to providing our clients with the best in basement waterproofing services and take pride in offering high quality solutions, workmanship and customer care to ensure our clients are looked after and their properties are fully protected for the long term.

Our Guarantee

Our work is guaranteed through our own ProTen Company Guarantee and we offer further peace of mind via our third party Guarantee Protection Insurance Scheme.

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