Wet Rot

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Wet Rot

Wet rot is a general term applied to the many different species of fungus which cause timber decay. Timbers exposed externally to the elements and timbers in contact with wet soil, wet masonry, plaster and a damp atmosphere are all at risk from wet rot. It could occur due to a leaking roof, from a buildup of moisture on window frames and on timbers that have been left untreated.

Wet rot spores will result in blackening of timber which causes cracking and crumbling. Timbers will continue to weaken as more moisture enters the timber and breaks down the timber cells. White rot is another type of rot which can bleach affected timbers leaving them pale in colour resulting in timbers that will crush easily rather than crumbling.

Treatment for wet rot involves:

  • Elimination of all points of water ingress
  • Removal and replacement of rotted timbers
  • Treatment of insitu and replacement timbers
  • Application of the appropriate fungicidal spray, timber pastes or dual purpose fungicide and insecticides.

Our specialist teams use the latest practices, techniques and materials available to deliver the best timber treatment solution and service always.

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