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How to Stop Condensation and Black Mould in the home

9th October 2018

As property surveyors, we see first-hand the distress that living with condensation problems and black mould causes in the home. One of the major issues is how stubborn condensation can be to get rid of.  The good news is that condensation can be stopped. We have put together a short guide to give you some…

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ProTen Services launch ThermoKote, the paint to stop Condensation and Black Mould

31st July 2017

An innovative paint solution from ProTen Services, provides one of the most effective methods yet to proactively protect walls and ceilings from the effects of black mould and condensation.  What is ThermoKote? ThermoKote is an anti-condensation paint that prevents the formation of mould on ceilings and walls. It looks like a normal, everyday white emulsion…

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Condensation: can it be stopped?

20th February 2017

Three words: Positive Input Ventilation. Condensation is a problem which can be distressing to live with and often hard to get rid of. In its less serious form, condensation may steam up windows and mirrors but in more severe cases, it can cause a whole host of problems: Damage to walls, plasters, timbers and furnishings…

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